[ Lupine] The magic of growth, Lupine Eyelash serum (Eyelash enhancer)

WriterSJNAIL Hit533 Date2023.12.13

To improve poor lashes, Lupine release new Eyelash serum after a long research for growth. Our goal is to strengthen hair root because healthy and gorgeous lashes are started from strong root. For this reason, the serum was planned can be reached to root easily. The water-base formula and dual brush (ball tip and screw brush) help deep absorb of nourishment. Also, there’s no irritation like dry or red eye although it is closed to root. Make longer, fuller and healthier lashes with this magical booster for growth. · Natural extracts : Black soybean, Green tea, Caffeine and Beer yeast. · Various use : Can use to eyebrow and hair line. │ RECOMMENDATION │ - Those who have experience that fall out of lash because of weak hair root. - Those who often try lash perm or extension. - Those who have short, thin and sparse lash. - Those who want to care lash simply.