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2019.09.11_Market insider_Korean premium nail brand 'Lupine' to introduce new lineup at Thailand BBAB 2019

Korean premium nail brand 'Lupine' to introduce new lineup at Thailand BBAB 2019
INCHEON, South Korea and BANGKOK, Sept. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Premium nail brand 'Lupine' and SJ Nail (CEO Lee, Donjin), a leading beauty company known for its distribution brand '1004 Nail', will launch a new lineup for the Thailand market in 2019.

SJ Nail announced that nail brand 'Lupine' will participate in Beyond Beauty ASEAN-Bangkok 2019 (BBAB 2019) in Bangkok, Thailand from September 19 to 21. Lupine's participation in this event in Thailand will be its second, following last year, and it is expected to be a good opportunity to once again to meet with overseas buyers who showed interest in Lupine products.

An official from Lupine said, "We promised additional meetings with Thai buyers we had met with last year, as well as with buyers from Southeast Asia, including those from Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We expect to have a more in-depth discussion beyond what was discussed at the first meeting."

In particular, at BBAB 2019, Lupine will introduce its new 2019 lineup including 'MK-1000', the Lupine portable nail multi sterilizer which was very popular in the Korean and overseas nail markets, the Rubbing Foot Callus Care Kit, and ingrown toenail correction set, the Lupine perfume cuticle oil pen, etc.                                                     

SJ Nail CEO Lee, Donjin said, "The competitiveness of Lupine is hygiene and safety," and added, "Lupine is not just a nail color brand, but is rapidly gaining recognition through its various hand & foot care, hygiene lines and certifications it has obtained in Korea and abroad."

The most anticipated product from Lupine is the Rubbing Foot Callus Care Kit, which has received good reviews in Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Vietnam since its launch. 

The Lupine Rubbing Foot Callus Care Kit consists of 4 products including softeners, heel balm for moisturizing, a foot patch to help soften calluses, and a Lupine foot scraper for foot calluses.

An official from Lupine emphasized that "The Rubbing Foot Callus Care Kit can remove foot calluses more hygienically and effectively by using a patch that helps soften the callus. The foot scraper helps to safely remove calluses without worrying about hurting the foot".   

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