2018.09.11 Google market insider : Korea premium nail brand 'LUPINE' …

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SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A famous Korean nail brand LUPINE has declared its advance to Thailand.

SJ Nail, Korea's representative nail company, will start full-scale entry into the beauty market in Thailand by participating in 'Beyond Beauty Asean-Bangkok 2018' held at IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center from 20 - 22 September 2018.

SJ Nail CEO Don-Jin, Lee said, "We are excited to meet our Thailand customers for the first time through 'LUPINE', a representative nail brand in Korea, and 'FIXME', a semi-permanent pigment. Thailand is expected to be the first country to enter LUPINE's ASEAN region." Also he said, "The biggest feature of LUPINE products is its stability through use of hygiene and non-toxic raw materials. We have prepared for a long time to advance into Thailand, and our ultimate goal is for LUPINE to become a product that is loved byThailand customers."

SJ Nail has been interested in Thailand's beauty market for several years and went there for market research. 'LUPINE', the representative brand of SJ Nail, is a premium nail brand in Korea that was born with motif of hygienic image of lupine flower that has toxin removal efficacy. "Happy imagination from your hand" is the slogan of LUPINE, from "The Happiness and Imagination" meaning of lupine flowers.

LUPINE is popular brand of hand and nail products in Korea with a series of nail care products, such as gel nail polish collection, nail-stickers and nail-parts for nail decoration, gel remover and LED gel lamp. These products are with improved hygiene and stability. In addition, import inquiries to LUPINE from major beauty markets such as the US are continuing.

LUPINE will participate in 'Beyond Beauty Asean-Bangkok 2018', which is a representative beauty fair in Southeast Asiawith buyer meetings and distributor recruitment being held.

In addition, Daisy, a renowned beauty creator with more than 300,000 followers onMeipai, Youtube, and Instagram, will visit the LUPINE booth during the fair to introduce LUPINE products directly to Thai and Southeast Asian customers.

LUPINE officials said, "We plan to go into Thai market more actively with this fair. I hope that Thai beauty officials and customers will have a lot of interest in LUPINE."